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Joshie’s Sydney – an opera fan’s dream

Joshie is a classically trained high soprano opera singer and pianist.  She also moonlights with the violin.  Living in Sydney she takes every chance that she gets to head to Sydney’s world famous Opera House to watch the latest season.  As our resident Sydney music tour guide Joshie aims to give lovers of music a unique time in this beautiful city.

Joshie has years of experience from performing as a professional High Soprano Opera singer across the world and has an in depth insight into the operas, composers and characters.  Whether your a newbie or a lifelong patron of the arts you’ll learn more about the stories and the craft of performing.

About Joshie’s tours

An afternoon with Joshie as your Sydney music tour guide with give you the background of the opera’s currently on at the Sydney Opera House, their history and a guide to enjoying every last aria.

Take in the backdrop of Sydney Harbour with a lesson in Opera from a master to teach you your Mezzo Soprano’s from your Soprano’s and learn to appreciate the grandiose spectacle of the opera.

Learn and experience more during your trip.  Joshie designs her tours to be unique, to match your level of understanding and to grow your love of the genre.  As a guide she will meet you in Sydney’s CBD to begin the guided tour.

Contact Joshie

Contact Joshie below for up to date information on the Opera’s currently showing at the Sydney Opera House, recommendations on seating and booking a custom tour.

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