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Travel tips for Bangkok – local Bangkok guide

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A trip to Bangkok is on a lot of people’s bucket list.  This beautiful city has something for everyone.  Whether you what to experience Bangkok’s culture, take a shopping trip or brave the Bangkok club scene you’ll be spoiled for choice.  A local Bangkok guide will help you experience all this city has.  But before you head off here are a few travel tips for getting the most out of this amazing city.

  1. Book an airport transfer to your hotel, just do it.  It will cost you a little extra cash but it will save you a whole lot of time.  Especially if you are arriving at night.  Thailand is full of amazingly friendly people but it is also easy to be ‘taken for a ride’ if you don’t watch out.
  2. Don’t be afraid to haggle for things.  Haggling for the price of items is something that takes a bit of practice.  Most westerners struggle with it.  So you’re not alone.  But make sure you haggle and do so in the spirit of it, you’re not there to get a bargain basement price.  Just a fair one.
  3. Jump on the train when you’re traveling around the centre of the city.  The BTS system is simple and easy to use.  You can find more information here.
  4. Stay safe.  I don’t want to imply in anyway that Bangkok is an unsafe city.  Thai people are amazing, friendly and helpful.  But just like any other major city in the world you need to take precautions.  Travel together at night, avoid less populated areas and situations where you might be dealing with less than savoury characters.  We’ve all heard the ‘I had a few too many beers and got invited into a bar by some pretty girls, next thing I knew they gave me a bill for $500’ stories.  I mean, what did you expect?
  5. Know that Bangkok has a lot of historical and religious sites that may require you to dress appropriately.  Covering shoulders and knees is a common requirement.  Do you research first, and one of our local Bangkok guides will be able to let you know before your tour.
  6. Be smart (it doesn’t take much).  A lot of young backpackers head to Bangkok chasing parties and looking to replicate the Hangover movies.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there and done that, I highly recommend it.  But just be smart about what you get up to and where you go.  Stick to the popular spots, party as a group, don’t leave drinks unattended – just all the usual stuff.

Bangkok is honestly one of my favourite cities in the world.  It has something to offer for everyone while not breaking the bank.  Taking a local Bangkok guide is a great way to experience the city beyond the usual tourist traps.  Enjoy your trip to Bangkok, be safe and tell us all about what you get up to!

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