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We create custom partnership deals with travel companies to deliver fantastic tours to your customers while sending commission your way.

What we provide to travel companies:

  • Online tracking of your earned commissions
  • Printed material for marketing tours to your clients
  • Online marketing space for your company
  • Links back to your site
  • 7 day a week email service
  • Space to publish blog posts about your destinations

We develop custom tour guide commission structures with you to ensure that you get the most value and the best local tour guides for your customers.

Verramente is dedicated to creating custom, local experiences for travellers from all over the world.  We believe that every traveller is unique and the perfect travel experience never involves a famous landmark.  We aim to introduce travellers to experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise have by showing them the local side of their destination.

Why we run local tour guides:

When was the last time your favourite travel story started with “we took a tour bus to all the famous sights, it was great”.  Travel stories are made by the people you meet, the characters, the bizarre, the weird and the wonderful.  And that’s what we want to show your clients.  The true locals spots all around the world.  That’s the Verramente travel experience.

If this sounds like something that you’d like to give to your customers then contact us today.  Just fill in the form below and we’ll be in contact with you in the next 48 hours for a chat.  By setting up a commissions based referral program you’ll get both a unique offering to make your clients next trip unforgettable and tour guide commission along the way.

Join us in making the world a more exciting and safe place to travel.  All Verramente guides are interviewed by video phone and background checks are undertaken when deemed necessary to ensure that travellers will be safe on their adventure.

So what’s next:

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.  But it really is just that simple.  We create a commission structure for you.  You introduce customers to our tours using the material we give you.  Every time one of your clients books a Verramente tour you earn commission.  You can track this online and get it paid out at anytime you want.

So what are you wanting for?  We are really excited to meet you.  We want to show the world to travellers so lets get started together and grow together.

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