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Tips before traveling to Sydney – local Sydney tour guide

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Sydney is an amazing city and the more time you spend here the more you find hidden away.  On face value the city is a beautiful seaside tourist mecca with golden stretches of sand and tanned locals.  But take a deeper look and Sydney has more to offer.  A Sydney tour guide will give you an in depth look at what this city has to offer but we wanted to go ahead and give you some tips before you arrive.  So here are our top tips to get the most out of this city.

  1. Get a transport app – simple.  Sydney transport, despite the best efforts of the city, is not the easiest to navigate.  It took a while for us to get used to it.  We’d recommend that you download an app before leaving.  NextThere is probably one of the better ones.  It will give you real time information and give you access to timetables for everything from trains, buses, ferry’s, all the way to the light rail.
  2. Sydney is a mecca for tourists but they rarely get outside of the tourist routes.  Sydney has a well worn tourist path that everyone follows when they arrive.  It’s simply, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Zoo, Bondi and so on and so forth.  But the thing about Sydney is that there is a lot more than meets the eye.  If you know where to look.  Check out a Sydney tour guide to see some of the local things to do off the tourist path.
  3. Wifi – don’t expect it to be easy.  A lot of international cities make connecting to the internet easy as pie.  This makes just relying on wifi on your phone an easy option.  Sydney, well, not so much.  Things have improved since the first time we visited and our hotel charged us $5 AUD/hour for wifi but it is still hard to connect everywhere.  Check out the local cafes and businesses that have free wifi, they are your best bet.
  4. Tap water – it’s fine to drink.  Even if you’ve got an easy to upset stomach the tap water in Australia is fine.
  5. Get an Opal card.  A lot of transport in Sydney requires an Opal card.  It’s the cities transport card.  And by requires I mean that you can’t just jump on the train or bus and buy a single ticket.  They require you to have a transport card loaded with credit.  You can get one at a convenience store and top them up at convenience stores or most train and ferry stops.
  6. Stay safe.  In the three years I’ve spend in Sydney I can count the number of times I’ve felt unsafe on one hand.  But this is mostly down to the fact that I’m a white male.  Sydney is a very multicultural city.  Ninety nine times out of a hundred you can walk down any street in the city and be safe.  But do be aware that there are exceptions to this tolerance and you should always be aware of your surroundings and travel safely.

A Sydney tour guide will be able to give you some great local guidance.  Every Verramente guide is a local. They have spent years in their city and know all the best places to enjoy Sydney the way that locals do.  So check them out.  Do you have any more tips on travel in Sydney?  Comment below!

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