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4 Things To Do On A Layover In Seoul

things to do on a layover in Seoul

Seoul is becoming a very popular layover destination for people traveling to and from Europe.  A lot of international flights now have a stop over of 24 hours or so in this massive city.  So how do you see the most of this global hot spot in just 24 hours?  Easy, get some local advice.  Here is our guide to the 4 best things to do on a layover in Seoul.

The first thing to know is that Seoul is huge.  There’s no point setting out to see a bunch of things because you’ll never get around in time.  The best way is to set a few key places that you’d like to see and do your best to run about.  Once you arrive at the airport you can take the express train to the city where you’ll get off at Seoul Station.  This is at the heart of the city (even though there are several places that could be considered the CBD).  This central hub is a good place to get a hotel.

Because of the expanse the plan of attack is to visit places that are in and around Seoul Station so you don’t have to travel too far.


Myeongdong is the beating heart of Seoul’s neon body.  A district heaving with shops, people and all things big city you’ll find plenty to do here.  There are a lot of shopping places that range from cheap to expensive.  This area is one of the best things to do on a layover in Seoul because of the atmosphere of the area.

Always moving at full speed it’s a great representation of Seoul’s ‘bali-bali’ (quickly-quickly) culture.  Check out our blog post on the best things to do in Myeongdong Seoul.


Namdaemun is a market shopping experience not to be missed in Seoul.  This place is massive and you’ll be able to buy pretty much anything that you could ever want.  Try the amazing local food and pick up a bunch of souvenirs.


Itaewon is by no means the most beautiful part of Seoul but it’s definitely one of the most interesting.  This district effectively acts as “Americatown” in Seoul.  It’s a magnet for foreigners, in particular US soldiers.

It’s made our list of the best things to do on a layover in Seoul mostly because of its great nightlife.  If you have an overnight stay in this great city we highly recommend checking out the nightlife.  Check out our post on the best night spots in Seoul.

Han River

The Han River is the mighty lifeblood of this metropolis.  The waterway ploughs its way through the middle of the city splitting it in two.  If you really want to experience what its like to be a local in Seoul you have to head to one of the many Han River parks and relax with beer, soju and fried chicken from one of the many 7/11’s.

Still have spare time during your Seoul layover?

This city never sleeps and knows how to entertain.  Check out our blog for the hundreds of great things to do in Seoul.

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