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The 5 Best Things To Do In Auckland Travelling With Kids

Things To Do In Auckland Travelling With Kids

Auckland New Zealand is a great place to travel with kids.  This coastal city has so many outdoor things to do that are great fun and will tire them out.  Auckland is set on the narrowest part of the North Island of New Zealand.  Seems like a fairly impractical place to put your biggest city but it does mean you’re always close to the ocean.  The city is also close to a lot of beautiful day trip spots.  So if you’re travelling with kids here is our list of the best things to do in Auckland travelling with kids.

Waiheke Island with kids

Just a 35min ferry trip away from downtown Auckland you’ll find the beautiful Waiheke Island.  There is a lot to see and explore on the island.  As an added bonus there are a lot of world class vineyards.  So you can stop by for a lunch and a glass of wine.

The little slice of paradise has beaches, rock pools and a great view of the city.  It makes the list of the best things to do in Auckland travelling with kids because it’s also great for parents.

Day Trip to Matakana Coast

Just an hour and a half north of Auckland is the beautiful Matakana Coast.  Dotted with small villages, country markets and, again, vineyards, Matakana Coast is a great place to travel with kids in New Zealand.

Take time to explore Matakana Markets and the long sandy white beaches of Omaha.

Swim with the fishes at Goat Island

Just down the road from Matakana Coast is the famous marine reserve Goat Island.  One of New Zealand’s earliest established marine reserves, this stunning beach, island and rock pool area is great for snorkelling.

Rent some gear and get swimming!

Visit the worlds largest Penguin colony

Auckland’s Kelly Tarlton’s SEALIFE Aquarium is one of the best things to do in Auckland travelling with kids.  The aquarium stars are the cute Penguins.  You’ll find the worlds largest penguin colony and probably some of the cutest girls and guys in town.

The aquarium features a naughty and nice list of the penguins so you can see who has been stealing fish and who has been helping their caretakers.

Stargaze at an International Dark Sky Sanctuary

There are only three designated International Dark Sky Sanctuary’s in the world.  New Zealand just so happens to be home to one of them.  Great Barrier Island is probably the closest you can get to Jurassic Park while still being safe.  Sitting off the coast, just north of Auckland it’s a great place to take kids if you’re an active family.

Untouched beaches, rugged mountains, camping spots to die for and one of the best stargazing spots in the world await.  But it is very remote.  You won’t find ATM’s or too many luxuries here.  You’ll find more information on how to get there right here.

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