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The Four Best Things To Do In Darling Harbour, Sydney

Things To Do In Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is Sydney.  It’s the shining, glamorous heart of this city.  As the sun goes down Darling Harbour lights up with the reflections of Sydney’s skyscrapers.  Nestled between the Star Casino and downtown Sydney it’s a must see place.  Here is our list of the four best things to do in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

The Best Things To Do In Darling Harbour

Do keep in mind that Darling Harbour is not a place to go when you’re on a budget.  This place is a place to let the purse strings out a bit and be seen with the in crowd.  So here’s our list.

Spend more than you should at a nightclub

Going to a nightclub in Darling Harbour is ridiculously expensive.  Some will sting you up to $40 just for an entrance fee.  But once inside you’ll soon forget about it.  It’s the spot where cashed up, good looking young jet setters go to see and be seen.

There are a lot of bars around the waterfront that have amazing views of the harbour.  Tokio Hotel is a go to for live rock, Home Bar is the go to do dance music and it you’re looking for to be seen with the really cool kids check out the Chinese Laundry.

Dine in Barangaroo

Barangaroo is the new district of the city at the far end of Darling Harbour (near the harbour entrance).  A lot of money has been spent making this end of the harbour spectacular and it has attracted some amazing restaurants and chefs.  If you’re a foodie stopping by here is definitely one of the best things to do in Darling Harbour.

With the newly built district even the ferry stop for Darling Harbour has moved to now be Barangaroo making it a convenient place to get to.  One of our favourites is Cirrus Dining.

Indulge in some of Sydney’s best dark chocolate

Hidden a couple hundred metres back from the waters edge you’ll find some of Sydney’s best chocolate at the Guylian Belgian Cafe.  Tucked away opposite the International Convention Centre and next to the Chinese Gardens is this great little cafe.

Celebrating all things indulgent it’s a place to enjoy coffee and chocolate.  Take a load off your feet for thirty minutes and relax!

Watch the city light up with fireworks

Saturday nights see Darling Harbour lit up with a beautiful fireworks show.  If you have a harbour side restaurant table or just a seat on the docks you’ll have a great view.  The fireworks light up the whole harbour and mingle with the city lights.

You’ll see a lot of party goers as well as families take some time out to enjoy.  For more information and times check out the information site here.

Want to see and do more in Sydney?

Why not take your time to check out Sydney’s other city centre harbour, Circular Quay.  You can check out our list of the best things to do in Circular Quay.

If you’ll looking to see a bit more of what Sydney is all about why not take a tour with a local Sydney tour guide?

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