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Things to do in Hongdae Seoul

Things to do in Hongdae

Hongdae is the place to go in Seoul if you have one night to take in the nightlife.  In a city that never sleeps this suburb is an insomniac.  If you want to try your luck in surviving Seoul’s crazy nightlife check out some of these things to do in Hongdae.

Eat Eat Eat at the Street Food Carts

The first thing that you’ll run into when you exit the train station in Hongdae is food carts on you left and right.  You’ll need to join the thousands of people squeezing in between.  You can get almost anything from these food carts.  Keep an eye out for spicy rice cake (white rice cake in spicy red sauce), Korean donuts and even Hot Dogs.  You’ll be lucky to spend $10 USD (roughly 10,000W) at these food carts before you get full.

Pick your spot and you’ll be able to get a beer on the street too.  Keep an eye out for the carts that sell cocktails, yes, street cocktails.  They are terrible and sugary but there’s something novel about being served a cocktail in a plastic bag to drink on the street.  In terms of things to do in Hongdae eating should be high on your list whether before or after drinking.

Buy Buy Buy at the Night Markets

Walk the streets late night in Hongdae and you’ll find a lot of night street markets.  Hongdae has such a huge university population that up and coming fashion and jewellery designers line the streets to sell their wears late into the night.

For things to do in Hongdae you could shop all night here.  There are hundreds of amazingly talented designers, you’ll be able to get some one of a kind fashion items for extremely cheap.

Dance Dance Dance in Hongdae Park

Hongdae Park is a staple for tourists and backpackers in Hongdae for, well, forever.  It’s one of the things to do in Hongdae that’s a must do for all visitors.  The park itself is a kids playground that seems to have been taken over by the night.

Everything is covered with graffiti from top to bottom.  Local performers set up outdoors performances in the park pretty much whenever they want.  From rock to hip hop you’ll hear some great indie groups play hear, just trying to get seen.

Although not a bar in any way, shape or form the convenience stores that sit next to the park sell beer and are open 24 hours a day.  Grab a drink and soak in the atmosphere.

Enjoy Hongdae

The first time I visited Hongdae I couldn’t quite believe that somewhere like this existed in the world.  Friday and Saturday nights are a collision of art, music, culture and bars.  If you want a good night our in Seoul Hongdae is your go to place.

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