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The Best Night Spots in Seoul – Part 2

best night spots in seoul

Our previous post about the best night spots in Seoul – part 1 introduced some of Seoul’s famous night spots.  We wanted to dig further and show you some great local spots that aren’t always on the travel map.  These are places where you’ll experience Seoul like a local.


Anyone who has been to Seoul would ask why would you recommend Nowon as one of the best night spots in Seoul?  Anyone who has lived in Seoul would get it.

Nowon is a relatively small suburb but it’s a great representation of what Seoul is like when you strip away all the flashy lights and skyscrapers.

It’s a suburb where you can drink soju with the hard working locals, eat BBQ and enjoy the atmosphere.  It’s a very typical locals neighbourhood.

You’ll still find plenty of places to drink the night away if you want but it’s mostly a great place to go to experience life in Korea.


Tucked around the corner from the famous foreigners haunt that is Itaewon, Noksapyeong is great.  If you’re into cultures mixing, good food and good people it is one of the best night spots in Seoul.

When you get out of the train station you’ll see pretty much nothing.  You’ll need to walk a couple of hundred meters down the road and cross to be in the thick of it.

Nestled at the foot of Namsan Haebangcheon (HBC as locals call it) is the area around Noksapyeong which has become a melting pot.  Foreigners and Korean’s both call this place home.  Out of this is born great food and great bars.

Ttokseom Resort

This station is right next to the Han River and is a favourite with locals, especially over the summer months.

Locals take to the banks for the Han River with picnic blankets and tents to cool down.  The convenience stores along the river side are stocked with fried chicken, ramen noodles, cold beer and soju.

Sit down, eat, drink and be happy.  Try not to get run over by a scooter rider who is trying to deliver fried chicken between the crowds.


Hapjeong is Hongdae’s younger brother.  Hongdae is the party area for students in Seoul while Hapjeong is full of stylish cafes and eateries.

Although not open extremely late the area is a great place to hang out with the intelligent cafe set of Seoul.  Stop by one of the great restaurants for Spanish tapas or some Korean fusion food.

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How to get around?

Seoul has a great subway system that makes navigating just plain easy.  You can get a subway map here.

Want to see the local’s Seoul?  Check out a Seoul tour guide run by a true local.

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