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The Best Night Spots in Seoul – Part 1

best night spots in Seoul

Seoul is a city that, if anything, gets busier after the sun goes down.  Things here don’t grind to a halt after rush hour.  People in this city love to get out of their apartments and explore the city.  Whether it is eating, drinking, shopping or strolling down the riverside there are a lot of great night spots in Seoul.  Here’s our list of the best night spots in Seoul, go wild.

Konkuk University

This area, just north of the Han River on line 2 and line 7 of the subway, is a great place to eat.  Not half bad for drinking either.  The place is constantly packed with students and there is plenty of cheap and good places to eat.

For street food check out exits 3 and 4 of the train station where you’ll find a pile of vendors.  They sell everything from spicy rice cake (tteokbokki) to churros.  It’s most definitely one of the best night spots in Seoul if you love food and cheap drinks.


We couldn’t have a list of the best night spots in Seoul without Myeongdong.  A Saturday evening here is a like walking through a night club.

The streets are lined with stalls and the shops flow onto the streets.  The neon creates an almost daylight glow.

Myeongdong will give you a change to buy brand new sneakers or dried octopus tentacle.  It’s really up to you what you make of it.


Gangnam is the spot to go if you have money in Seoul.  It’s one of the best night spots in Seoul to go clubbing and be seen with the beautiful people.

Plastic surgery and platinum cards are the order of the day in Gangnam.  Check out clubs like Octagon to be seen with the best DJ’s and celebrities.

Booking a table is the done thing and getting bottle service is even better.  But you’ll need to lay down some serious money to play.

Ironically Gangnam station has one of the best cheap underground markets in the city – buy something nice on the cheap to impress the club crowd.

Apgujeong Rodeo

If Gangnam is where those with platinum cards play, Apgujeong Rodeo is where you go to dust off your Lamborghini.

The part of Seoul is flashy to the point that it’s just a place of people to show off.  You’ll find some cool little places here to relax and have a drink.  It doesn’t have the crazy club feeling that Gangnam does but it does have plenty of places to spend your hard earned won.

Still up for more? Check our part 2 of our list of the best night spots in Seoul.

How to get around?

Seoul has a great subway system that makes navigating just plain easy.  You can get a subway map here.

Want to see the local’s Seoul?  Check out a Seoul tour guide run by a true local.

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