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The 4 Best Night Spots In Sydney

best night spots in sydney

Sydney as a city has a chequered history with its nightlife.  From the heady days of Kings Cross’s Golden Mile to lockout laws cutting trading hours.  The nightlife and bar scene are just starting to recover.  More recently Sydney is starting to reflect the alleyway bar scene of its southern neighbour Melbourne. Check out our guide to the 4 best night spots in Sydney.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street runs off the Sydney CBD and snakes between a number of hedonistic bars.  The district is famous for hosting Sydney’s annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras and it is not shy about it.  You’ll find all types of people wandering Oxford Street in the early hours and they sure know how to party.

Although a number of clubs are outwardly gay clubs you’ll find people from all walks of life partying here.  The offerings range from run of the mill bars through to bars such as the Oxford Art Factory that does live art installations in the middle of the dance floor.

Darling Harbour

If you want to spend money go to Darling Harbour for a drink.  You’ll have no trouble burning through a thousand dollars or so during a night out in Darling Harbour.  After a certain hour most bars have an entry fee ranging from $10 up to $40.  Drinks will put a nice dent in your wallet too.

But the venues do deliver.  Overlooking the world class Darling Harbour you’ll be star struck between the reflections of the skyscrapers on the ocean and the glamorous crowds that the area attracts.


Newtown is a great little suburb a short train trip out of the CBD.  Well known as the hipster suburb of Sydney you’ll be at home here if you enjoy sipping craft beers and IPA’s.  One of my favourites is Earls Juke Joint. If you can’t get a good cocktail here you’ll never find one.

You can take the train from any of the inner city stations and it’s a short trip to Newtown – just past Central Station.  If you decide to explore during the day the surrounding area is famous for it’s international food.  Check it out with a local Sydney food tour.

York/Clarence Street

The area surrounding York and Clarence Street is my favourite of the best night spots in Sydney.  To the untrained eye this area looks very boring, simply office buildings.  But to a local who knows where to look there is a mass of hidden bars and speak easy’s to discover.  From world class 1920’s Chicago style whiskey bars to Caribbean plantation rum bars and gin joints hidden in barber shops this area is amazing.

If you’re from out of town you’ll really need a local to show you where to look.  You can book a Sydney hidden bars tour with me through Verramente.

Looking to take in a festival while in town?

Check out our list of the best festivals in Sydney.  You’ll be able to take in a light show or some of Australia’s best local music talent.

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