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The 3 Most Interesting Subway Stations in Seoul

Most Interesting Subway Stations in Seoul

Seoul is massive, just plain massive.  The sprawling city doesn’t only sprawl outwards but upwards too.  And with size comes a lot of super interesting places to explore and see.  The cities amazingly efficient subway system takes the cities expanse and packs it into a neatly designed squiggle of stations.  If you’re pressed for time here’s a list of the most interesting subway stations in Seoul.


Gangnam is a great station to visit day or night.  The station itself is absolutely giant with an underground shopping complex that seems to roll on and on forever.  You can literally do all of your shopping in Seoul here if you want.  The stalls in the shopping complex are small stores that sell local designers, cheap jewellery and shoes.

Once you manage to find your way out of the station (and it’s actually sometimes difficult) you’ll find plenty to do around the station.  By day Gangnam has some great restaurants and shopping.  By night the area around the station becomes a who’s who of good looking people and wannabe celebrities going to night clubs.

The shopping and night life alone make Gangnam one of the most interesting subway stations in Seoul.


Itaewon is the eclectic foreigners town of Seoul.  You may be familiar with Chinatown in your country but Itaewon is literally Americatown in Seoul.  Sitting right next to one of the largest US army bases in the country Itaewon has built a notorious reputation over the years.  It has most definitely cleaned up its image recently.

Despite cleaning up its image it is still one of the most popular haunts for American soldiers.  While few bars still have a reputation as being ‘rough’ you can still find trouble if you look for it.  There’s even a part of town called Hooker Hill.

But the majority of Itaewon is now filled with foreigner bars, bistro’s and clubs that cater for both locals and foreigners.  The mix of people that gather here is what makes it one of the most interesting subway stations in Seoul.


The Myeong-Dong shopping area is full on.  It’s one of the most neon drenched parts of the city and the narrow streets are jam packed with shops trying to get every last dollar that you have.  Most of the shops here are chain shops but there are still local shops.  Check out our guide to the best places to go shopping in Seoul.

The best places to check out are the stalls down the middle of the street.  They not only sell great wallets, gloves and all the accessories in between but they also sell great snacks like chestnuts and octopus tentacle.  Trust me on the octopus, I was sceptical at first too but try it.

If you have the chance to visit Seoul in December Myeong-Dong is a must visit in the evening.  The big department stores in the area know how to do Christmas.  I mean Times Square New York level of Christmas.  Their lights and decorations are beautiful and if you’re lucky enough it will snow.

Need a map of Seoul’s subway?

You’ll find one of the best maps of Seoul’s subway that I’ve come across here.

Want to explore more of Seoul?

The best way to explore Seoul is with a local Seoul tour guide.  Don’t be a tourist, travel like a local!

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