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Travelling is one of the best experiences you can have.  It opens you up to new places, people and things.  It is our mission at Verramente to provide amazing local experiences for you in the safest way possible.  The safety of both our customers and our guides is the most important thing for us.

Below we’ve laid out what we do to ensure your safety as well as our recommendations for you to travel safely and have an amazing holiday.

  1. We personally review every Verramente guide.  We review every application from top to bottom and only then do a small percentage of these get interviewed
  2. We review every guide face to face or via a video call
  3. Where we deem it appropriate we do a criminal background check and reference check on our guides
  4. We ensure that guides are fluent enough in both the local language and English
  5. We have multiple staff members review guides
  6. We personally investigate any guide reviews which are three star or less
  7. Any guides who conduct guides during which the traveller may consume alcohol are subject to a criminal background check
  8. We immediately investigate any report of misconduct by a guide and the guide will be suspended while the investigation is pending and removed from the site immediately if found to be at fault
  9. If you ever find yourself in a situation with a guide who makes you feel unsafe notify us at scott@verramente.com

Your safety is our upmost concern so we also offer the following tips for travellers, no matter where you are travelling to, you should also be safe.  Below are a list of general safety tips for when you travel, not just while you’re taking a tour.  We want you to have an amazing holiday and return with only great stories:

  1. Let your friends and family know that your are travelling, where to and when
  2. Carry limited cash when you head out for the day, if possible have a hotel with a lock box or safe
  3. Be aware of your surroundings, avoid places that may seem risky or have a reputation for crime
  4. When possible travel in a group at night
  5. Avoid getting overly intoxicated in a place you’re unfamiliar with
  6. Learn local customs and abide by them
  7. Keep to well lit pathways
  8. Plan ahead with public transport so you are not caught out after service hours
  9. Ensure you know how to tell a taxi driver where to go in the local language, even if this is just having a business card of your hotel

Follow these tips and ensure that you have a safe and fun trip.  Your safely comes first, even above having an unforgettable experience partying all night or getting that great photo from the cliff’s edge (I know, it’s boring but you’re important and having a safe journey will always be our number one priority).