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Must see’s in Venice

must see's in venice

Venice is a city that no words can really describe.  It’s a city that give’s you the same feeling that you get when you watch Indiana Jones.  There’s an old world charm and romanticism to the city. There are a lot of must see’s in Venice but to experience that charm we’ve put down a list of a couple of places that will stoke the fires of adventure in you.

Harry’s Bar

Harry’s Bar is one of the few bastions of old world cafe culture left anywhere in the world.  The bar and restaurant look out to the Grand Canal of Venice but somehow that’s not the biggest draw card.

The decor is a shadow of Hemingway and Casablanca.  A relic of the golden age of literary genius and the lost generation.  It’s simply a bar taken straight from the pages of a novel.

Dress up in your finest and indulge in a whiskey or a cocktail.

You’ll find Harry’s Bar a short walk from Saint Mark’s Square, past the water taxi wharf.  It’s definitely one of the must sees in Venice, a once in a lifetime place to be.

Teatro de Fenice

What can be said about this beautiful opera theatre that can’t be said by it’s pedigree.  Although destroyed and rebuilt several times over its history the Teatro de Fenice is the home of Verdi, La Travita and Venice’s long history of opera.

The original opening night of Verdi’s masterpiece La Travita as well as countless other operas since the 1700’s, this is a must see in Venice.

Dress up in your finest and mingle with Venice’s elite to take in an opening night.  From the first step inside you’ll understand why this opera house is unforgettable.  The golden facade of the tightly packed viewing boxes are dimly lit by a chandelier.  From the chandelier spreads a renaissance style ceiling painting that rivals any you’ll see outside.

Make use you take your time after the opera to take a glass of wine and a late night dinner at a restaurant nearby to finish the night.

What more to experience in Venice?

The city is full of tourist spots.  From Saint Mark’s Square to Rialto Bridge there are a thousand tourist things to see.  But from experience the best things to do in Venice were the lesser known things.  Things that really carried that old world, vintage feeling with them.

Experiences like going to a local suit tailor or talking to a local artist about his take on Venice.  My recommendation from my time in Venice is to see the tourist spots but leave time to just wander the streets and find something off the beaten path.

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