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Must see’s in Bangkok

things to do in bangkok

Bangkok is nicknamed the city of smiles and for good reason.  You’ll find that the locals here always greet you will the most beautiful sincere smile.  It’s a city that will take you through a whirlwind of joy, stress, amazement and over stimulation.  It’s a city that’s not for the faint at heart, but look in the right places and you’ll have a travel story for life.  So here is a short list of the must see’s in Bangkok.

Old City

Bangkok’s old city is dominated by temples and ancient structures.  The area is stunningly and beautiful for anyone looking to experience Thailand’s culture and history.

The most famous parts of Bangkok’s old city that you should have in you must see’s in Bangkok list are the Grand Palace, Wat Pho (the reclining Buddha) and Khaosan Road.

Wat Pho is a 46 metre long reclined statue of Buddha and is a must see for the sole fact that it is massive!  Khaosan Road is a stronghold of backpackers in Bangkok and has become a true melting pot of Thai and Western cultures.

must see's in bangkok old city

Rooftop Bars

If there is one thing that Bangkok truly does well it’s rooftop bars.  The city has a few absolutely spectacular rooftop spots to grab a cocktail and take in the view of the city.  These bars are most definitely must see’s in Bangkok.

Here is a quick list of my favourites:

Vertigo Bar – Banyan Tree

Sky Bar – Lebua

Octave – Marriott

Park Society – Sofitel

must see's in bangkok rooftop bar

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the crown of Bangkok.  The sprawling complex features temples and traditional architecture laden with gold and ornately designed statues.  The shear richness of the place earns it a place on the must see’s in Bangkok list.

Remember that you’ll need to dress conservatively (cover shoulders and knees) to enter the Grand Palace to show respect to the local culture.  Make sure you set aside at least a few hours to explore because the Grand Palace is extremely large and will take a while to walk around.

must see's in bangkok grand palace

River Cruise

Bangkok has been referred to as the Venice of South East Asia and with good reason.  The city is crisscrossed by rivers and canals that give you a perfect way to see the sites of the city.  Taking a long tail boat for a tour through Bangkok’s waterways will give you an amazingly unique vantage point in this city.

You’ll see monks worshipping at riverbank temples and old women in boats selling beers and snacks to tourists on the way.

must see's in bangkok river cruise

If you’d like a true Bangkok local to show you this beautiful city check out our local guide Winston here.

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