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Must see cultural spots in Bangkok

cultural things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city with a lengthy and interesting history.  The Thai people have a culture that is so welcoming that the country deserves its nickname as the land of a thousand smiles.  There are a lot of cultural spots in Bangkok, temples and palaces can be found throughout the city.  Here is our list of must see’s to experience this city’s beautiful culture.

Cultural Spots In Bangkok

Wat Prayoon

This beautiful white temple can be found on the western side of the Chao Praya on the edge of the old Portuguese town.  The temple is a Buddhist temple and makes the list of must see cultural spots in Bangkok because it houses relics of Buddha.

The temple is the site of a museum which contains Buddha images, amulets and artefacts that were dug up at the site during a period of restoration.

Other highlights are Turtle Mountain (tombs) and a stunning red fence constructed from old weapons.

Grand Palace

If there is one place you have to visit when you travel to Bangkok it is the Grand Palace.  The site is a monument to the amazing craftsmanship, skill and dedication of the Thai people.  In fact if you don’t stop by I’m not sure if you can even say you’ve been to Bangkok.

The palace complex is massive and every single minute detail has been crafted perfectly.  Up until the twelfth century the royal family lived in the palace but they no longer reside there.  These days it is used for a number of rituals on the Buddhist calendar.

Wat Arun – Temple of Dawn

The stunning Wat Arun is one of the most beautiful cultural spots in Bangkok.  The colourful spires of the temple tower above the water of the river.  The main spire is over seventy metres tall and is decorated with coloured glass and Chinese porcelain.

The best times to visit this amazing spot are at sunrise when you can avoid the crowds and quietly reflect or at sunset when the temple is lit up.  Many a famous photo has been taken of this landmark lit up over looking the river.

Wat Phra Kaew – Temple of Emerald Buddha

Although set inside the Grand Place which we’ve already mentioned Wat Phra Kaew deserves special mention.  Considered by many as the most significant Buddhist temple in Thailand, the Temple of Emerald Buddha is exactly what the name suggests.

Carved from the single block of Emerald the Buddha is ornately decorated with robes.  The King of Thailand himself is the only one that changes these seasonal robes to bring good fortune to the country.

Want to see more cultural spots in Bangkok?

There are a hundred more amazing places to see the beautiful culture of the land of a thousand smiles which we didn’t have time to mention.  If you want to see more and get a true locals perspective while traveling you can book a local Bangkok city guide.

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