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make the world a better place

Our company was founded on the notion that we want to make the world a better place.  Our entire service is based on the idea of people from different cultures and different backgrounds coming together to share what makes them unique, to share their passion.

So why not share our passion too?

Our passion as a company is to make the world a better place, in particular for our fuzzy, furry friends.  We actively look to partner with and help grow awareness of any and all campaigns and initiatives that help dogs, puppies and canines who are in need of loving homes in every corner of the earth.  Is this you?  Contact us today so we can work together.

Why do we have this passion?  Easy, Verramente’s owners, Joshie and Scott have always looked for a way to give a voice to man’s best friend.  While living and travelling in Korea they were blessed with two beautiful rescue dogs who have become global adventurers in their own right.

Pascal, the hungry hungry Beagle had been abandoned by her owners as she ‘wasn’t cute enough’ after getting a skin disease.  She spent the next few months alone on the streets of a marketplace where she sustained malnutrition and a broken jaw from being attacked.  She was found by a local pound and was given 30 days before being put down.

Joshie convinced Scott that adopting her was a good idea with a series of ‘we’re getting a dog, why are you fighting this? You know I’ll win’ conversations.  After waking up at 5am and taking two buses to the outskirts of Seoul it turned out to be love at first sight.  Her ridiculously large paws and ears meant that the only issue they had was trying to smuggle her back in public transport.

Snowy, the mildly insane Maltese also came from Korea.  He came from a place where female dogs are injected to make them have more puppies to sell.  Snowy was the runt of the litter and was subsequently put in a box with no food or water.  A local vet had taken him and he was about to be put down when Joshie and Scott had another ‘we’re getting a dog’ conversation.

When they got to Snowy he had spent so long in the box that he had never learned to walk or developed the proper leg muscles to do so.

A series of expensive treatments, injections and medicines later and Pascal and Snowy were regular trouble making puppies.

The day came that Joshie and Scott decided it was time to leave Korea.  It was time to head off on their next adventure.  Off to Sydney, Australia.  The day they walked into their local vet (who had supported Pascal and Snowy’s recovery) and told them the news that they were moving out of the country the vet’s staff looked sad, they questioned who would look after the puppies, who would care for them?

“Are you insane?  We’re taking them with us” was probably not the response the staff expected.

Just like that Pascal and Snowy became global travellers and haven’t looked back since.  These days they can be seen walking the beaches of Sydney, enjoying a bite of lunch in The Rocks or taking in every last smell with their nose out the windows of their parents car.

So why start a tour guide company?

It’s our true belief that ideas can change the world.  We believe that by sharing our story that other good people will stand up and share theirs.  And what better way to connect good people than to bring them together travelling?