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5 Great Things To Do In Itaewon Seoul, Korea

things to do in Itaewon seoul

Seoul is a city on fast forward and there are some amazing suburbs to visit.  Every suburb has its uniqueness, there are so many things to do in Seoul.  But every foreigner, at some point or another ends up in Itaewon.  The ‘Americatown’ of Seoul it’s a place where Korea and the foreign influence have made strange bed fellows.

Sitting right next to one of Seoul’s largest US army bases it attracts all things foreign.  You can spend a day, week or month here and speak only English and people will understand.  If you want something familiar while you in Seoul, it’s the place to be for foreigners (of all sorts).  So here is our list of 5 great things to do in Itaewon Seoul, Korea.

Buy big clothes in Korea

Korean fashion is amazing.  The clothes in Korea have great lines and are super cheap.  But they are not large.  Simply moving to Korea I went from a Medium in western countries to an XXL in Korea.  Other than my ego being dented this also made it difficult to buy clothes.

The main street of Itaewon has a number of big and tall shops.  Perfect for your regular foreigner.  In saying that, as long as your pride isn’t too hurt from the XXL size you’ll find a lot of great places to shop in Seoul.

Morning brunch in Itaewon

Sometimes when your traveling you just plain crave food from home.  One of the best things to do in Itaewon is to get a western brunch.  Whether it be American, British or French you’ll find a great place for bunch here.

Most places are reasonably priced too.

One of Seoul’s best jazz bars

If you love jazz Seoul is a city for you.  There are some amazing live jazz bars in Seoul.  And they know how to play! One of the best is All That Jazz in Itaewon.  Sitting one floor up from the road below, not far from the exit of the subway we highly recommend it.

All That Jazz used to be one of our favourite spots in Seoul.

Indulge in international food in Seoul

I love Korean food.  It’s amazing.  But even I sometimes like to try something international.  Itaewon is one of the best areas in Seoul for international food.  The entire area has restaurants lining the streets.  From Italian to Mexican, Irish, Spanish and American.

Step around the corner 10 mins or so away to get to Haebangcheon (HBC) to enjoy even more international cuisine.

Good ol’fashioned party in Itaewon

On any list of great things to do in Itaewon Seoul you’ll always have something about partying.  It’s a notorious party neighbourhood.  With nightclubs everywhere and small trucks selling cocktails in plastic bags what could go wrong!

Make sure you head off before the subway stops or simply drink all night until it starts again.  Getting a taxi after the subway shuts down can be quite the challenge.

Want to see more of Seoul with a local shopping tour?

Learning about all the great things to see and do in Seoul from a local is the best way to travel in this city.  Before you head off on your holiday book a local Seoul tour guide.

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