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Fun Things To Do In Sydney For Couples

Fun Things To Do In Sydney For Couples

Travelling as a couple is always fun (well almost always).  Having someone to share things with as you go is great.  And let’s be honest, somethings can only be really enjoyed when you’re travelling with a partner.  It’s hard to enjoy a sunset with your mate.  Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and to experience it with your partner is great.  You can take in all the romantic spots of the city.  So here is our list of fun things to do in Sydney for couples.

Take in a jazz concert in Sydney

Sydney has a great little jazz scene.  There are a few jazz bars dotted around the city that have great live gigs.  You’ll be able to have a glass of wine and take in some great music.  We recommend Venue 505.  It is not far from the CBD and relatively cheap.

Cruise the harbour as the sun goes down

Sydney Harbour by night is one of the most romantic places on earth.  The city lights dance on the water and the night passes you by.  A very beautiful place to enjoy.

There are a lot of Sydney harbour cruises.  A lot.  But the majority of them take in the same view.  You can select a cruise with dinner and/or a show if you like to.  It is most definitely one of the fun things to do in Sydney for couples.

Walk bare foot along a romantic Sydney beach

Sydney is the city of beaches.  There are long sandy whites stretches all over this city.  What better place to take a romantic stroll.  Although finding an empty beach in Sydney is near impossible there are a lot of quiet beaches around the city.  If you want to see more check out our list of the best secret beaches in Sydney.

Dine at one of Sydney’s most romantic restaurants

Sydney has a lot of amazing world class restaurants.  And a lot of them would make the list of fun things to do in Sydney for couples.  But if I really had to narrow it down I’d highly recommend Felix.

This French bistro will set you back a dollar or two but it’s one of the best places in the city to have a romantic dinner with your partner.

Brunch in Italian town

What better way to spend a morning in Sydney than to check out one of the many suburbs with great food.  Leichhardt and Five Dock are two of the biggest Italian towns in Sydney.  They both have a lot of places to get great brunch.

Look for the place with the most friendly staff and the busiest tables.  They are generally the ones that the locals know are great.

Want to have a local take you on a Sydney City Tour?

Sydney is a great place to explore.  There is plenty to see.  One of the best ways to experience this ocean side city is with a local tour guide.  Find a great Sydney tour guide and get booked in to enjoy the best of this spectacular city.

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