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The Four Best Ferry Stops in Sydney

Best Ferry Stops in Sydney

Sydney is a city best seen from the water.  Whether it’s sipping a cocktail on a cruise ship or hopping over to the next cove for brunch this city is something else.  And it’s set up to be a city that you can travel via boat, because, well, why wouldn’t you want to?  There are a lot of places I’d deem to be the best ferry stops in Sydney.  But for those of you that are here for a short time not a life time here is our list of the must sees.

How to get around the best ferry stops in Sydney

Sydney has a fairly simple to use transport card system called the Opal Card.  You can purchase and recharge these at most convenience stores and most inner city train stops/ferry stops.  Be mindful that you generally can’t recharge these at bus stops.  I always find the easiest way to top them up is using the Opal card website.  You’ll find details on the back of your card once you’ve purchased it.

You’ll be able to use your opal card on buses, trains, ferries and the light rail to get around town.  You just need to tap on at the boarding point and tap off when you disembark.

Stop 1: Circular Quay

Circular Quay, yes of course it is a list of the best ferry stops in Sydney.  So it may be the busiest tourist mecca in the city but it’s that way for a reason.  Circular Quay is where a lot happens.  It’s the disembarkation point seeing the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks Precinct and the Botanic Gardens to name a couple of places.

If you’re looking for more things to do in and around Circular Quay check out our guide to the five best things to do in Circular Quay.

Stop 2: Manly

The backpacking headquarters of Sydney, Manly is the place to be for young beach bunnies and the odd local in a speedo (they stand out).  This beautiful long sandy white beach is where you should go to be seen, snorkel, surf and play volleyball.  Jump the ferry from Circular Quay and it will take about thirty minutes to make it to Manly wharf.  From there it’s a short walk across the town centre to white sandy heaven.

Stop 3: Kirribilli

What better place to stop for brunch or just coffee than Kirribilli.  Take the ferry to Jeffrey St (rather then Kirribilli, I know, confusing) to be in the middle of the action.  Kirribilli sits at the base of the Harbour Bridge opposite the Sydney Opera House.  The suburb takes in the entire city centre for an amazing view.  You’ll get some of the best pictures of CBD from here.

Stick around for coffee and stroll back to the CBD over the Harbour Bridge – yes you can do that, there’s a free walkway.

Stop 4: Barangaroo

Number four on the list of the best ferry stops in Sydney is the latest cool spot to be in Sydney.  The new Barangaroo dining quarter has recently been finished and is home to some of Sydney’s best new restaurants and eateries.

A short walk from Darling Harbour, the long time jewel in Sydney’s crown, Barangaroo is the new kid in town.  Make sure you stop by some of the award winning spots for lunch or dinner as the sun goes down for any amazing view of the harbour and the people streaming by.

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