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Five must do things in Rome

must do things in rome

The eternal city is famous as a spot for love, history and architecture.  But there’s something about Rome that can never be captured in a story or a photo.  It has a certain air of passion about it that can only be experienced there, in that city.  Although Rome is famous for some of the most amazing tourist sites in the world this is a list of five must do things in Rome for those wanting to experience that certain something you’ll only feel in the eternal city.

Take your time to explore this beautiful city, and by all means make sure you visit the tourist spots.  The Vatican City, Colosseum, Travi Fountain and The Spanish Steps alone make up their own list of must do things in Rome.  But any traveler should dig a little deeper and get off the beaten path to experience the romance of Rome.

Stop by a local bar

When we first landed in Rome (after a 20 hour flight) we thought it was a great idea to go out for a drink with some friends who were also in town.  I mean, what jet lag? We’d even planned ahead and found a list of the best bar’s in Rome.  Of course our plans fell apart when to bar was closed/across town.  So we soon gave up and settled at a corner bar on a cobblestone street run by an elderly man.

This turned out to be the much better than any bar we could have planned to go to.  The elderly owner was amazingly accommodating and even apologized for the price after charging us an astoundingly small amount.  The small cobblestone street was an amazing place to people watch and enjoy the warm evening.

It was an introduction to the Rome in cheesy romance films.

Fall in love with un caffe

The mere act of taking a moment out of a busy touring schedule to sit and relax with coffee will give you time to soak up the city.  The many cafes that are dotted around the city are a window to life in Rome.

These are the places where locals stop to chat and catch up.  Once you’ve had one Italian espresso you’ll be forever disappointed by coffee after you return home.  The smooth espresso has no equal in other countries.  I just can’t explain it, you’ll have to have one yourself.

Visit a bookstore

Although not exactly prominent in the city you’ll be able to stubble upon one if your lucky.  We stumbled upon a tiny hole in the wall bookstore in an alleyway off the Pantheon Piazza.

Rome’s bookstores, if you can find one, are like stepping into a museum.  Books dating back to the 1700’s lined the walls of the tiny store we visited.  Stacked from floor to ceiling.

Get lost

Most people head to Rome with an itinerary planned down to the minute.  And I get it; you need to because there are so many things to do in this amazing city.  But make sure you make time to get lost.

The majority of the must do things in Rome are those that you’ll never read about, you’ll just get lost, stumble upon something and never be able to find it again.

But that’s the beauty of traveling. Get lost and find something that you never new existed.

For us it was a restaurant we found when it started rained.  We’d planned to go one place, got lost and ended up at this traditional family restaurant to escape the rain.

The hospitality of our hosts was amazing and we spent the entire evening there.

Find live music

Live music can be found all over Rome.  Whether it be buskers in the Piazza’s or house bands at cafe’s.  Whatever you find you’ll see that Rome, with music, is like living in a Woody Allen picture.

Sit back and relax with a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

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