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Best Towns In Tuscany To Stay

best places in Tuscany to stay

Tuscany is the country heart of Italy.  The focus of so many romantic stories and day dreams.  Small local towns with local characters and local food give you a lot to explore.  Rolling hills, ancient towns, hilltop vineyards and amazing food will make you fall in love with Tuscany.

Taking a car around Tuscany is the best way to explore.  There are so many amazing towns dotted around the countryside.  Each has their own history, food and traditions.  Here is our list of the best towns in Tuscany to stay.


Siena is one of the most beautiful medieval towns that you can visit in Italy.  The city itself with its narrow streets and brick buildings is a UNESCO world heritage listed spot. And for good reason.  There’s a lot of things to do in Siena.

Take your time to laze about in the Piazza del Campo.  This unique piazza (even by Italian standards) is stunning. Its shell shape can’t be seen in other towns in Italy.  If you’re looking for some excitement you’ll find the famous Palio Horse Race take place here July 2 and August 16.


Of course a list of the best places in Tuscany to stay would include Florence.  What can be said about Florence? It’s truly one of the worlds most beautiful cities.  It has even inspired a number of the renaissance masters to create their finest works.

Seeing the cities massive Duomo (cathedral) is definitely a must do in Tuscany.  But you must not miss the galleries holding some of the worlds finest art.  The Galleria dell’Accademia has Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture while The Uffizi Gallery exhibits masters such as Botticelli and da Vinci.


Lucca is an ancient fortress city that was a protector of Rome from northern hordes.  It has history that spans several periods making it definitely one of the best places in Tuscany to stay.

The cities fort still runs around the city and there is a beautiful park that follows the traces of it.  If you’d like to see more of this beautiful check out our list of things to do in Lucca.


What more do I need to say?  Pisa has become a cultural icon of Italy; the leaning tower is seen printed on Italian shirts, featured in so many tourist photos and immortalised as cultural history.

But there is a lot more to this city than the leaning tower.  We recommend checking out the National Museum of San Matteo.


Volterra is very typically Tuscany.  This hillside town takes in sweeping views Tuscany’s classic rolling hills.  Make sure you visit the beautiful cathedral of Volterra and the towns main square.  The city will give you a great sense of Italian life.

You can also climb the tower in the middle of the town to get amazing sweeping views.  The Guarnacci Etrurian Museum is a highlight too!  If you’d like to see more of Volterra take a local Volterra tour guide.

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