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The Five Best Things To Do In St Kilda, Melbourne

Best Things To Do In St Kilda

When you visit Melbourne you go to St Kilda.  You just do.  It’s one of the best suburbs to dine, drink and just generally absorb all that is Melbourne.  When you’re looking for the best things to do in St Kilda you’ll find a very long list.  It really depends on what you’re into.  The suburb has a bit of everything.

Need to escape the summer heat on a tropical beach?  See some penguins?  Drink cocktails till 3am? Cakes and coffee? St Kilda is a part of Melbourne that will give you some of the best stories and memories of your trip to Melbourne.

Best Things To Do In St Kilda: Dining

If you’re going to St Kilda – eat there.  In terms of the best things to do in St Kilda dining out is usually on the top of my list.  There are a lot of options, especially around Acland street.

Acland street has some great restaurants and is famous for its cake shops.  But, why beat around the bush?  If you’re going out for dinner there is one place you should go – Claypots.  Seafood, amazing, spectacular seafood.


I have a number of drinking stories from my time living in Melbourne.  Most are blurry at best but always fun.  St Kilda’s many bars range from high end cocktail to British pubs and live music joints.  You won’t be missing out on any of the big city vibe during a night in St Kilda and the great thing is that bars are all in walking distance of each other.  Here is a pick of some of the best:

The St. Hotel has been an institution for years.  It’s a great little spot to party night away.

Looking for somewhere a bit quieter for a glass of wine? Check out Dogs Bar on the corner of Acland and Fawkner.

Keen for some live music? Check out the Hotel Esplanade.

Being A Beach Bum

St Kilda beach is a palm tree lined paradise with city views.  This long stretch of golden sand is stunning.  Populated by bronzed bodies and tourists you’ll be able to escape from some of the hustle of the city and relax for a few hours here.

But be warned, Melbourne’s summer can push into the low 40’s (Celsius) and when the mercury soars so does the number of people on the beach.  When it get’s that hot you’ll be lucky to find space for your towel.

Exploring The Local Market

One of the best things to do in St Kilda for me will always be stopping by South Melbourne markets on my way there. Just a couple of tram stops before St Kilda on the 96 route it’s a great place to take in the delicious mix of local and international food.

You’ll find that the Italian and Greek influences run deep here and the food is amazing.  You want this food, trust me. If you want to see more places like this check out our blog on the best markets in Melbourne.

Seeing The Penguins

Penguins are such cute little fellows.  And if you head out to the end of St Kilda pier (you can’t miss it) you might be lucky enough to see a few.  Along with water rats who live in the rocks at the end of the pier they are a cute way to see some local wildlife without going to far.

So what are you waiting for? Get to Melbourne, eat, drink and dance.

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