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Best Street Markets In Seoul

The Best Street Markets in Seoul

Seoul is a city best enjoyed from the streets. The hectic packed streets where you can be someone, anyone or blend in and be no one.  The cities many street markets are a great place to see the people of Seoul come and go and live life. You’ll find so many street markets to explore but here is our list of the best street markets in Seoul.

Namdaemun Market

With a history tracing back centuries the Namdaemun market are the go to place for, well, pretty much everything these days.  From clothes to housewares to ornamental chopsticks you’ll go there to look and leave with sacks of things that you didn’t think you needed.

The market is cheap and vast, once you get into the streets it’s hard to get out.  But one of the best things in this market is the food.  You can find a lot of traditional Korean street food here.  This makes it one of the best street markets in Seoul.

Gyeongdong Market

Gyeongdong market is a very unique market place to go to.  You’ll find over a thousand stalls selling traditional medicines and food.  Roots, ginseng, herbs and spices, really any traditional medicinal foods that you could poke a stick at.

The market is popular with tourists from other Asian countries.  Take in the smells and tastes of this unique place.  Make sure you stop and have tea at one of the stalls.

Dongdaemun Market

Dongdaemun is the go to place for shopping in Seoul, everyone will tell you.  The streets around Dongdaemun station are rabbit warrens of market stalls that sell any clothing item you could ever imagine.  The outdoor markets are cheaper than the indoor ones but wherever you go you’ll find a bargain.

You’ll find entire streets selling only shoes or only soccer clothes or only toys.  Stop buy and get a brand new wardrobe while you in the city.

Yeongdeungpo Traditional Market

Next to the futuristic Times Square Mall is the great Yeongdeungpo traditional market.  It’s a true locals spot.  The middle of the market has a great selection of food but my recommendation is to stop by the pojangmacha tent bars.

Pojangmacha are a common sight in Korea.  They are outdoor drinking tents that are frequented by the locals at the end of a long hard day.  Stop by to eat what the locals eat and drink like the locals.  Be prepared to drink Soju to make sure you fit in.

Want to explore Seoul’s markets more?

If you want to see the local markets of Seoul book a local Seoul shopping tour guide before you leave.

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