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Best Street Food In Seoul

Best Street Food In Seoul

Seoul is food.  Full stop.  This city has one of the best food scenes in Asia.  From high end to street food there is so much to try that, like me, you’ll need a solid diet after you leave.  Just like any city it’s hard to know what to try without some recommendations.  So here is our list of the best street food in Seoul.  These are the things that locals eat and no Korean trip would be complete without trying some of these local snacks.


Spicy rice cake, just plain good.  Look for the trays of red sauce being cooked up on the street to get your fix.  Sitting at about a 5/10 on the spicy scale these gooey, spicy chunks of rice cake definitely belong on the list of the best street food in Seoul.  Best enjoyed while standing up in a street market somewhere.


This is one of my favourites on a cold winters day.  When the temperature hits sub-zero digits Mandu is one of the best street foods in Seoul.  Mandu translates as dumplings.  You’ll find these delicious steamed dumplings at small street shops in most large intersections in Seoul.

Keep an eye out for stacked steamers with massive plumbs of steam rising into the air coupled with delicious smells.  Kimchi Mandu is my personal favourite.


Kimbab is a great, easy to grab snack when your on the move.  Sold in roll’s they are a mix of ingredients like vegetables, radish, tuna and kimchi wrapped in rice and rolled inside thin seaweed.  Super cheap and super delicious.


My all time favourite on the list of best street food in Korea, I am slightly obsessed with these.  Bungeo-ppang are those cute fish shaped snacks that you’ll see tiny food carts selling.  They are light batter filled with sweet red bean and shaped into a cute fish.  Sold in three’s for around a dollar they are a must try.

The idea of sweet red bean was a little strange at first but once it hits your lips you’ll be craving them all the time.  I still search my local Korean mart in the hope of finding a frozen alternative.


Tteok are a sweet, gelatinous balls and squares of rice cake which make a great snack or dessert.  Sweet and chewy they are a favourite traditional snack during holidays in Korea.  Despite this I couldn’t help but eat them all year round!

Want to find some great places to grab a snack and explore Seoul in the evening?  Check out our list of the best night spots in Seoul to explore more.

Looking for a local guide?

Seoul has so many amazing places to explore.  A local Seoul tour guide will help you experience the local culture and food.

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