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The Five Best Spa Towns In The North Island Of New Zealand

best spa towns in the North Island of New Zealand

New Zealand is an amazing country to relax in.  Everything just seems to go slower here.  The people are amazingly friendly and the scenery is just spectacular.  What more could you want from a vacation?  Where could you possible go or possibly do to have a more relaxing break?  Well, in New Zealand it does get even better.  This volcanic wonderland is home to a lot of hot springs.  Natural spas where you can soak the worries of the world away.

Hot springs in New Zealand aren’t fancy (well some are) but they are just so damn relaxing.  You can join the locals to sit back and relax.  For your vacation we know you deserve some time off.  So we’ve made this list of the five best spa towns in the North Island of New Zealand.

Waiwera Hot Pools

Waiwera is a beautiful little ocean side town tucked away behind a hill on the way north from Auckland.  The town used to be a thriving place until it was bypassed.  These days the hot pools are the biggest draw.  In fact they deserve more credit than just being on the list of the best spa towns in the North Island of New Zealand.  Waiwera is a fully fledged water park.  One of the larger ones in New Zealand.

It has everything from water slides to kiddie pools.  But you’re here for the spa.  One of the best things about Waiwera is the movie hot pool.  Watch a movie drive in style but in a hot pool instead of a car.

Mount Maunganui Salt Water Hot Pools

Mount Maunganui is home to what I have to say is the only salt water hot pools that I have every been to.  I’m not saying they don’t exist anywhere else, but if they do I haven’t seen them.  The little spa complex has warm, medium and hot pools depending on how much you want to cook yourself.

The spa takes in a great view of the mountain that’s right next door and is only a few steps away from the main beachfront in this beautiful town.

Te Aroha Spa

Te Aroha spa was always my favorite.  Not because of the small spa’s so much but because of the setting.  Te Aroha is a very small town sitting in the shadow of Mt Te Aroha.  The spa’s sit at the very base of the imposing mountain range and are a great place to rest your weary bones after a hike.


Rotorua is the quintessential spa town in New Zealand and one of the top tourist spots in the country.  You’ll see everything volcanic in this little city from bubbling mud, boiling thermal pools, Maori culture and cracks in the earth that could very well swallow you.

After the sun dips down make sure you check out the Polynesian Spa.  This series of hot springs is built into the surrounding bush and is a great place to relax.

Hot Water Beach

Okay, so not really a town so a bit odd being on the list of the best spa towns in the North Island of New Zealand list but this place is a must visit.  I’m not exaggerating.  If you’re going to visit one spa area in New Zealand this is it.  Why? Because it’s a beach!

Hot Water Beach is a beach with a thermal spring underneath it.  That’s right, you can dig a shallow hole, in the sand, at the beach and it will fill up with hot water.  I couldn’t make this up if I tried.  You have to check it out.

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