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The 4 Best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne Australia

Best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne

Melbourne knows how to pour a drink, seriously.  This city punches well above its weight in terms of cocktails, bars and nightlife.  I’d go as far to say that it is one of the best bar cities in the world (I know, that’s a big claim).  But you’ll get it when you arrive, you’ll understand.  Melbourne doesn’t just make great bars.  Melbourne has a way with them.  Bars in this city are hidden, seclusive and sexy to the point that when you find one you like you truly feel like it’s your place.  You discovered it.

In that way you could say it’s a hipsters paradise.  But it’s so much more.  It a city with a very unique character expressed in a number of very unique bars.  So why not indulge?  Here is our list of the four best rooftop bars in Melbourne Australia.

Madame Brussels

One of my favorites and definitely worthy to be on the list of the best rooftop bars in Melbourne.  Madame Brussels is like Alice in Wonderland meets rich tennis club.  Really. Start the evening off with cocktails in jugs because that can’t go wrong can it?  You’ll find Madame Brussels on Bourke St in the city.


Cookie is the place to go for young professionals after work in Melbourne and although that sounds like a terribly boring description its a great place.  You’ll find the place on Swanston St with a great little restaurant and beer hall on the first floor.  But head up to the rooftop to where the action is on a hot summer afternoon.


Found up the timber stairs at the back of the Melbourne Supper Club this place is a little slice of Paris in Melbourne.  What used to be a cigar bar has since had the cigar part removed due to smoking laws.  But it’s still an amazing place to relax with a whiskey and talk the night away.  Take note that it’s an extremely busy little place, later at night is better as you might get a seat.

If this is your kind of place and you also have a stop over in Sydney make sure to check out our post on the best whiskey bars in Sydney.

Best rooftop bars in Melbourne: The Carlton, for a night cap

I thought I’d add one more just for a night cap.  The Carlton isn’t really a rooftop bar but it does have a nice balcony.  This place should be on the list for everyone traveling to Melbourne because, well, it’s ridiculous.  Decked out in stuffed ostriches, giraffes and velvet walls it’s a great place to indulge in a final drink and realise just how drunk you are.

Want to see more of Melbourne?

Melbourne is a great city to visit and one thing that will make your trip even better is staying in the right part of town.  A little bit of local knowledge could mean the difference between walking five minutes and taking the tram for twenty minutes to get anywhere.  So check out our guide to the best places to stay in Melbourne.

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