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The Best Quiet Beaches In Sydney

best quiet beaches in Sydney

Sydney is a busy city.  Especially when it comes to summer and beaches.  As soon as the sun comes out there is a flock of bronzed people that scramble to the beach.  And Sydney sure know’s how to beach.  This city is sand and water from start to finish.  You’ll find the usual tourist beaches are always jammed full with people.  Bondi, Bronte and Manly are the places to see and be seen.  Tourists flock to Sydney’s famous beaches because they are beautiful.  But the more tourists that flock there the less beautiful they get.

Navigating Bondi Beach is often more like walking around downtown than relaxing at the beach.  So as locals we are always looking for quiet, relaxing beaches in and around Sydney to take some time out with a good book.  Here are two of the best quiet beaches in Sydney.


Sitting south of Sydney’s famous corridor of beaches, Bondi, Bronte, Coogee and Maroubra, Malabar is the sleepy, sandy cousin.  The beach is a wide but short sliver of sand and the real attraction are the rock pools.  Malabar is inside of a sheltered bay with rocks lining either side leading up to the beach.

The rock pools all the way down either side of the inlet make for great places to let the kids play.  This makes Malabar one of the best places in Sydney to take kids.  The crystal clear waters and the rock pools make for great swimming and snorkelling.

The sleepy seaside village only has one cafe which will make you feel like you’re in a small town.  If you want to see more of the best quiet beaches in Sydney check out our list of 5 secret beaches in Sydney.

La Perouse

A few minutes down the road from Malabar is the town of La Perouse.  Sitting right at the entrance to Botany Bay this little town has a couple of very beautiful beaches.  You can choice from the almost surreal Frenchman’s Bay with its white sands, tropical feel and view of a container shipping yard and Sydney airport (weird) or the more exposed Congwong Beach.

Take your time around La Perouse, it’s a great little town.  You’ll find the rugged Bare Island Fort over a short bridge.  The island juts out into the entrance to Botany Bay and takes the brunt of any bad weather that comes through.  Despite this it’s a famous fishing and diving spot.

If you have time stop by one of La Perouse’s seafood cafes.  They aren’t five star by any means but they are definitely quintessential Australian seafood.  Make sure you try the oysters.

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