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4 Best Places To Stay In Melbourne

Best Places To Stay In Melbourne

Melbourne is an amazing city to explore for a weekend, week or month.  It really is a city that, no matter how long you stay there, always has something new.  Depending on what you want to see and what’s fun there are a lot of great areas to stay.  Each place has its perks, great views, bars, cafes and markets.  Whatever your dream Melbourne getaway there is a perfect part of the city for you to stay.  So here is our list of the four best places to stay in Melbourne.


The beautiful Docklands precinct is on the northern edge of the city.  It’s a fairly new part of the city having been developed some fifteen years ago.  The serviced apartments in Docklands take in the beautiful harbour.

The area has been built up with a giant shopping area and ferris wheel.  You’ll find plenty swanky ocean side restaurants too.  If that sounds like your kind of thing Docklands is one of the best places to stay in Melbourne for you.


Southbank runs around the southern side of the Yarra River (the northern side being the CBD).  You’ll find a lot of great restaurants along the riverside as well as Melbourne’s famous casino which is worth a quick visit.

The area is one of the best places to stay in Melbourne because of its convenience to the CBD’s shopping and local art galleries.  You’ll find pretty much everything within 10mins walk.

The river also just so happens to be one of the most beautiful spots in the city during Melbourne’s hot summer evenings.  The historical Flinders Station takes centre stage in the city view.

St Kilda

If you’re looking to take in some of Melbourne’s famous culture there is no better place to stay than St Kilda.  Well known for being the artistic suburb of the city the beach side spot is Melbourne’s Venice Beach.

You’ll find plenty of places to brunch or have an early afternoon cocktail with the local artists and hipsters.  Check out Acland Street for great cafes and cakes.  Don’t forget to stop by the famous Melbourne market in South Melbourne on your way to St Kilda.

Melbourne CBD

If you want to be in the very centre of the action of course you can’t beat the CBD.  Melbourne’s CBD isn’t too noisy to stay in and it will give you great access to some of the best places to visit.  Shop till you drop in the many arcades of the city or get snap happy with the city’s famous graffiti.

Don’t forget to grab a nightcap after dark in the CBD.  This city has some of the best bars in the world.

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