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4 Best Places To Stay In Auckland

Best Places To Stay In Auckland

Auckland is the landing point for most people when they arrive in New Zealand.  Although it’s easy to head straight off to see the amazing nature of the country Auckland is well worth a couple of days to explore.  The city is sprawling so picking a spot to get the best out of your time there is important.  Here’s a list of the four best places to stay in Auckland New Zealand.


Devonport is a beautiful sleepy little suburb on the northern side of Auckland Harbour.  It is the headland at the entrance of the harbour.  It takes a ferry to get there but what’s lost in accessibility is made up for in stunning views.

You’ll be able to hop on the ferry from the CBD to Devonport to get there.  They run frequently and are fairly convenient.  Once you arrive in the area you’re a world away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Auckland.  Devonport by contrast is quiet and full of culture.

If you like jazz and second hand book stores this area is most definitely one of the best places to stay in Auckland.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is the place to be seen on a sunny weekend in Auckland.  This beautiful area is jam packed on a Saturday morning with people jostling for the best outdoor seats at great cafes.  The beach itself gets plenty of traffic and one of the main perks of staying there is not having to drive there.

As an added bonus if you’re looking for things to do with kids in Auckland it’s just around the corner from the famous Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium.


Ponsonby is the go to place in the city after dark for good restaurants and great bars.  If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a night out with someone special Ponsonby will be one of the best places to stay in Auckland.

Check out Sidart or Prego for something good to eat and take a stroll down Ponsonby Road for all the bars that you could ever want.

Ponsonby itself has become quite well known for fine dining and nice bars.  It’s a great place to stay if you’re looking to enjoy a few nights out.

Wynyard Quarter

The Wynyard Quarter is an extension of the Viaduct which famously hosted the America’s Cup.  The area has been decked out with great cafes and a beautiful waterfront walkway.  If you’re looking for amazing views of the harbour from your balcony, this is the place to stay for you.

Most of the places around the Wynyard Quarter are fairly new so expect it to be a pricey place to stay.  The amazing views and the proximity to the CBD make up for this.

Looking for more than the best places to stay in Auckland before your holiday to New Zealand?

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