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Best places to eat in Sydney

best places to eat in Sydney

Sydney is a true melting pot of culture and cuisine.  There are very few cities in the world that rival Sydney for it’s authentic offerings from all over the world.  The city has districts for Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian and Korean food and those are only the ones I visit regularly.  So here is a list of the best places to eat in Sydney, no matter what you like.


There are a number of Korean town’s in Sydney but the largest would be Strathfield.  Getting off the train in Strathfield is pretty much like getting off the train in small town Korea.

The area is full of authentic Korean restaurants and cafes.  You can come and live here and never speak a word of English if need be.

Although there a lot of great places here that would qualify for the list of best places to eat in Sydney you couldn’t go past Hwang-ga for great Korean BBQ.


Italian is so entwined with Sydney it’s almost a second language.  There are a couple a suburbs where you can get authentic Italian food.  Five Dock and Leichhardt deserve a mention on the list of best places to eat in Sydney.

These suburbs are inhabited by a lot of second and third generation Italians and they are proud of their food.

Head a little further to the inner west of suburb of Concord to check out my favourite authentic Italian restaurant in the city, Fratelli & Co.


Sydney has an amazing Thai Town.  Centred around the Capitol theatre, just a five minute walk from Central Station or Worlds Square.  There are a lot of authentic Thai restaurants in this area that deserve a spot on the list of best places to eat in Sydney.

Keep an eye out for the restaurants that seem to have a lot of Thai customers.  Thai food is very popular in Australia but a number of restaurants sweeten the food to ‘suit the local taste’.  Head to the places with a lot of Thai people to get authentic food.

One of my personal favourites is Thanon Khaosan.


Melbourne has always been the mecca for Greek food in Australia, but Sydney has some restaurants that rival anything it’s southern sister has.  The two stand outs are Alpha on Castlereagh Street in the city and The Apollo in Potts Point.  Both have very authentic offerings.

Don’t expect to have a cheap dining experience at either but do expect a great evening.

Both are exceptional restaurants and if I really had to recommend one I’d lean towards The Apollo simply for the fact that Potts Point is such a nice area to stroll around after dinner.

Want to see Sydney from a locals perspective and find all the best local spots?

Check out a local Sydney tour guide and find all the best local restaurants.

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