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Best places to eat in Sydney CBD

Best places to eat in Sydney CBD

Sydney is the proverbial movable feast.  The city is truly international when it comes to food.  You’ll find the most authentic food from just about any country in the world in this city.

The best thing is that those expats that have made Sydney home have organised themselves into their local spots.  You can truly experience global cuisine in Sydney depending on what suburb you head to.  So here is our list of the best places to eat in Sydney CBD.

Thai Town Sydney

Sitting in the Haymarket part of the city centre, a few minutes walk from Central Train Station Thai Town is where you go for authentic Thai.  And I really mean authentic, this is where my Thai friends take me.

Australia has a thing for Thai food, they really do.  It’s everywhere.  Thai food is probably more common than McDonalds in Australia which is saying something.  But a lot of the Thai food has been westernised.  By westernised I mean sugar has been added.

Head to Thai town if you really want authentic Thai food.  Just look for the restaurant with the most Thai people in it, it’s as simple as that.  Then enjoy.

Pitt Street Korea Town

On Pitt Street, towards Liverpool and Bathurst Streets you’ll find a small but strong Korea Town.  Sydney actually has a few Korea towns but as this is a list of the best places to eat in Sydney CBD this is the only one that’s really in the CBD.

You’ll find a lot of Korean drinking restaurants and BBQ places which are delicious.  Take time to check out a couple and enjoy a bottle or two of soju at each of them.

Spice Alley

A short walk from Central Station is the fantastic Spice Alley on Broadway.  The small alley is tucked away off the main street of Broadway and has a bunch of cheap and delicious Asian restaurants.

The group seating makes it a great place to meet people and hangout with the locals.  If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket check out the neighbouring Holy Duck.

Eating in Chinatown Sydney

Sydney’s Chinatown is an awesome place to stop by for food.  Sitting next to Paddy’s Market, one of Sydney’s best markets, the strip and surrounding alleys are the best place in town for Chinese food.  You’ll find authentic Yum Cha, Cantonese and everything in between here.

The best thing about eating in Chinatown Sydney is that the area is open late night, one of the few places like this in the city.  This makes it one of the best places to eat in Sydney CBD late at night.

Want to eat more? Check out a local Sydney food tour

There is so much to enjoy and explore in Sydney’s palate.  Check out a local Sydney foodie tour with a Verramente local guide.  Why eat fast food when you can experience all the tastes of Sydney?

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    Olivia Williams Jones

    Great post and great recommendations! I would only add and warmly recommend a visit to Manly Pavilion one of most beautiful waterfront venues in Sydney. Try their Crème Brulee with pistachio & white chocolate, my favourite. Their cocktail list is also fabulous, …

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