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The best places to go shopping in Seoul

places to go shopping tour Seoul

Seoul is one of the fashion capitals of the world full stop.  As soon as I stepped off the plane I immediately realised how incredibly poorly I was dressed.  So I immediately sort out the best places to go shopping in Seoul.  Not as a vein act to look good but more of an attempt not to be laughed at.  Korea people dress well…

So here is a collection of the best places to go shopping in Seoul, all of them for the budget conscious.

Gangnam Station

A train station probably isn’t the first place you think of for places to go shopping in Seoul.  But believe it or not Gangnam Station has some of the best shopping in the city.  The underground labyrinth that you exit into when you get off the train has hundreds of small shops that sell some great clothes.  You’ll find everything here from jewellery to jeans and shoes.  A lot of the stuff that you find here is made specifically by some student who is trying to become the next big thing in design so you’ll be spoiled for selection.

Check out the jeans shops in particular.  I stock up on jeans every time I’m in Seoul because they are so so cheap.


Dongdaemun is much more well known in terms of places to go shopping in Seoul.  Dongdaemun is the place that outlet shops buy their merchandise to resell – seriously.  The market is massive, you can buy anything here from budget shoes to dress shirts and linen.  Outlet store owners tend to come here extremely early in the morning (3-4am) and buy things to resell.  You’ll sometimes see them on the subway with sacks full of clothing items that they’ve picked up if they are running late and are rushing back to their own stores in the light of day.  You can haggle at these stores also but generally the prices are so low already that haggling makes you feel guilty.


Myeongdong is true downtown Seoul.  The shopping district is a flood with neon and bursting at the seams on a Saturday night.  The area has several massive shopping streets flanked by equally massive department stores.  If you can pluck up the courage to throw yourself into the crowds you’ll find some great street stalls selling wallets, scarfs and grilled octopus (really good by the way).

The great thing about Myeongdong is that everyone there is trying to entice you into their store.  When you ignore them they will simply try in a different language.  You’ll hear people outside stores yelling “Hi, come in, we have a sale on” in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French and several others that I didn’t even recognise.

Seoul is an amazing city for both fashion and shopping.  You’ll find places to go shopping in Seoul on literally every street corner.  The great thing about Seoul is that there are so many unique fashion styles that it’s impossible not to find one thing that you just have to have.

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