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The Four Best Coffee Spots In Seoul

best coffee spots in Seoul

Seoul is one of those cities that just has an endless number of things to do.  Whatever your poison this city has it.  One of my poisons is coffee.  Damn good coffee.  Surprisingly good coffee is one thing that is hard to find in Korea.  Average coffee you can find everywhere.  Everywhere is used here as a massive understatement.  But these are not the best coffee spots in Seoul.

Coffee shops have sprung up on every street corner of Korea.  You could walk the city from dawn to dusk and drink coffee the entire way without any fear of running out.  But most of the coffee spots serve Americano’s, sad shadows of coffee that might be familiar to American’s but for anyone from Australia, Europe or New Zealand this is not coffee.

So where can you get your fix?  Here’s our list of the best coffee spots in Seoul, by flavor and by view and area.

Best Coffee Spots in Seoul: The Twosome Place

The Twosome Place is the one coffee chain in Seoul that I’d recommend.  For one reason only.  It’s the only place I found that served Long Blacks.  For those uninitiated a Long Black is basically a single or double shot espresso with water.  And it makes you go, fast.

Although still a shadow of a Long Black you’d get in New Zealand or Australia (yes, surprisingly two of the best countries to get coffee) you’ll get by just fine with this.


Samcheongdong is a stylish little village next to Gwanghwamun, the  royal palace.  The suburb has a lot of traditional buildings with trendy little shops and cafes.  There is a smattering of graffiti and you’ll find the rich set relaxing during the weekends here.

A lot of the little one off cafes here serve great coffee.  Check out more to do in the Samcheongdong area here.

Seorae Village (서래마을)

Seorae Village is a little slice of France in Seoul.  This village is smack bang in the middle of Seoul but you’ll find a bunch of European buildings, cafes and restaurants here.  And where the French are, there is good coffee.

Make sure you avoid any of the coffee chains and just head for the places where the bread smells the most delicious.

Haebangchon (해방촌)

Haebangchon is the new foreigners district in Seoul.  They have spilled over from their traditional haunt of Itaewon.  Creating a bunch of restaurants, brunch spots and drinking stops, they have made Haebangchon home.

There are a lot of great places here and most of them that advertise a brunch menu do good coffee.  Because how do you have brunch without good coffee? You don’t, that’s how.

Want more great places to visit in Seoul?

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Want more? Why not book a Seoul city tour with a local Verramente tour guide.

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