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Bangkok’s Best Places for Street Food

Bangkok's Best Places for Street Food

A trip to Bangkok is a culinary journey not to be forgotten.  The city offers up some of the best street food in the world.  It is not a place to only eat in restaurants.  To experience Thailand is to walk the streets and eat the food that the locals do.  So here is our list of Bangkok’s best places for street food.

1. Victory Monument (Anusawari Chai Samoraphum อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ)

At exit #3 or #4 of Victory Monument station of Bangkok’s BTS train you’ll find the roundabout surrounding Victory Monument.  Branching off the roundabout are a number of small local streets that are full street food stalls and carts.  This area is one of Bangkok’s best places for street food for the sheer variety available.

You’ll find the well known boat noodle alley off the northern side of the roundabout.  Take your time and explore the area.  Try as much as your stomach can handle.

2. Yaowarat (Chinatown เยาวราช)

Chinatown is an amazing cultural, historical and culinary place in Bangkok.  You’ll find a lot to see and eat around here.  The area is a little difficult to get to with public transport so you’re best to take a taxi.

Yaowarat erupts with a sea of street food in the evening and it’s one of Bangkok’s best places for street food after dark.  I’d highly recommend it on a Friday night.

3. Bang Khun Non (บางขุนนนท์)

Not far from the Taling Chan floating market and, again, best accessed by taxi, Bang Khun Non is a lot quieter and local than the other markets on our list.

This great little local market will give you time to hang out with the locals and relax away from the ridiculous pace that the rest of Bangkok moves at.  Head here for lunch or dinner.

4. Ratchawat Market (ราชวัตร)

Head to Ratchawat during the day to experience one of Bangkok’s oldest and most traditional markets.  This place will allow you to indulge in a lot of traditional Thai street dishes and meet a lot of interesting characters.

There are a couple of other local markets in the area so make sure you explore.

Heading to Bangkok soon?

Food is truly at the heart and soul of Bangkok and the Thai people.  Their beautiful culture is best seen by sharing a plate with a local.  You’ll see the people of Thailand have big hearts and amazing hospitality.  You can see more of this unforgettable city with a Bangkok city tour guide.

If you’re looking for more travel tips for you visit to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok check out our guide to the must see cultural spots in Bangkok.

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