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Create memories, not tours.

Our favourite places are the one’s a local tour guide has introduced us to.  The tiny restaurant’s in the back alleys of Seoul, being introduced to new food, the beautiful spots in Sydney where you see colors that you never thought to be real in the sunset over the Opera House or that typically Italian cafe were we drunk the night away after getting lost in Rome.

These are the stories that we share when we get home.  The places and people that don’t show on the tourist map, the places where locals welcome you and the places that were stumbled upon, never to be found again.

Those are the memories that linger when you sit in the office, thinking, day dreaming.

Meet a local – Be taken to the places that only locals know.

CEO/Founder: Scott Whitaker

Sitting in an airport is where I feel happiest in life.  It’s the perfect mix of anticipation and excitement.  It’s like looking at the horizon, you can’t quite see what’s over the edge which just makes it more exciting.

I’m a New Zealander, from a tiny town on the tip of nowhere and I’ve always been interested in seeing what theworld has to offer.  I’ve lived in Melbourne, Seoul and Sydney over the last ten years and love discovering ‘my city’, whichever city that might be.  In between moving around I’ve travelled through Japan and South East Asia but I found my true passion for travel in Rome, the eternal city.  The warm welcome from locals stayed with me and made me want to give others that experience.  Wherever you travel move off the tourist path and be a local, explore and take in everything the world has to offer.  You’ll always get a betters story from a local tour guide.

Everywhere I’ve gone it has been the local tour guide, the local people who have left the best memories, the memories that I tell over and over. I want everyone to experience that warm welcome and tell their friends about the amazing people they met and places they have been; not the tour guide that showed them the top five places to go.

COO/Founder: Joshie Hwang

Joshie is a multilingual traveller of the world.  Having travelled extensively during her youth she fell in love with classical music and languages.  Attending university to study classical music she started to learn a number of languages to complement her skills as a High Soprano Opera singer.  Speaking English and Korean she soon picked up several other languages as well as a contract to travel and sing.  After an amazing career travelling and performing she took on several marketing roles, using the skills she had developed through her opera career to engineer corporate turnarounds of companies that were in need of new direction.  She spend a long time in executive roles building partnerships and marketing strategies for technology, education and non-profit companies.  She kept up with her language skills throughout, focusing on Italian after falling in love with Rome while travelling.

Joshie is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with travellers, she loves the feeling of adventure when getting ready for a trip and exploring new places.

Head of South East Asia/Founder: Oliver Sirisonthi

Passionate about photography and travelling; Oliver has at least two adventures every year. He was born and raised in Bangkok. After his 21st birthday, he spent 4 months in the United States. After the trip, he realised that he wanted to explore and experience the world. He is a cafe lover. He likes meeting new people and trying different food locally and internationally.

He moved to Sydney in 2006 for work. Now he is a tax accountant working for himself providing accounting and tax services. On a weekend, he runs Thai language lessons and cross-culture training for Australians travelling to Thailand.

When he has a spare time, he usually goes to local bookstores to buy travel books to plan for his next trip. He is also a subscriber of National Geographic Traveler. This is to keep him up-to-date with what is going on in the travel industry. He knows when & where to go and what to do. Some weekends, he travels with his fellow photographers to capture beautiful Australian landscapes and share his ideas about locations, digital post-processing in Photoshop and camera gear.