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5 Must See’s in Seoul

must sees in seoul

Seoul is an amazing city.  It sits somewhere between the futuristic and the traditional depending on where in the city you travel.  Everywhere you go there a hidden alleys, nooks and cranny’s where, amongst the hustle of the crowds the local’s grind out a living.  Whether it be a Pojangmacha (drinking tent) or an upscale kimbab shop there are so many must see’s in Seoul.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

The Palace is the most obvious must see in Seoul and for good reason.  This imposing structure sits at the heart of the city and is an amazing place to experience the history of this beautiful country.

Check the times before visiting, try to make sure you get there to see the changing of the guard when you’ll see the guards in full traditional clothing performing the change.  If you’re lucky enough to travel to Seoul during summer make sure you check the opening times.  Generally during a short period in summer the Palace is open after sunset which makes it all the more beautiful.

Make sure you set aside at least two hours to take in the entire Palace complex as it is massive.  And ensure you watch your step.  As my local Seoul tour guide taught me the kings in the past made the courtyard leading to central complex uneven so that people had to bow their heads when they entered.

Korean Food

The food in Korea is a destination in itself.  This country has some many delicious dishes that are not to be missed.  Depending on your style you’ll find everything from street food to high end dining and a thousand things in between.

The dishes that I would highly recommend would be Korean Fried Chicken, cooked in such a clean way you won’t feel guilty at all.  Make sure you try it with beer (it’s a tradition after all!).  Another great one is Bungeoppang, a sweet pastry that you can buy from street vendors that’s shaped like a fish!


If you like shopping or saving money or fashion Dongdaemun is a must see in Seoul.  Home to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul Fashion week and Dongdaemun markets this is the best place to head in the city for high end fashion as well as market sales.

Squeeze through the side streets to find the cheaper places to pick up shoes, clothes and accessories.

must sees in Seoul

Han River

The Han River is one of the must see’s in Seoul if you are traveling with kids or if you are partial to drinking beer while riding a bicycle.

The river runs through the very centre of the city and is lined with parks.  During summer months the city dwellers flock here to picnic, drink beer, stroll along the river side or rent bicycles.  Take your ID to rent a bicycle, it’s a cheap and fun way to explore the river side.  Get a two person bike if you think you can coordinate with two people.


Roughly translated to University street Daehangno is a must see in Seoul because it is where culture and theatre thrive.  The main thoroughfare branches off into a multitude of small side streets which are full of theatre companies, jazz bars and great restaurants.

The area is a breeding ground for Korea’s best musical and acting talent so make sure you catch a show while you’re in town.  See more about Daehangno here.

What are your must see’s in Seoul?

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