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5 Must Do’s on Khao San Road Bangkok

Must Do's on Khao San Road Bangkok

If you’re anything like me when you think about Bangkok it’s a vision of all things hectic.  Street vendors, flickering neon, dangerously overloaded power lines and sweating crowds.  Everything you could want in travel.  Khao San Road is at the very epicentre of it all.  So if you don’t want to be a tourist here is our list of the must do’s on Khao San Road Bangkok.

Shopping on Khao San Road

The entire road is all but a shopping centre.  Both shops and market stalls take up a huge part of the road.  You can buy anything here from designer t-shirts to fake paper work.  In its own way it’s still like an old world bazaar.

Remember to take your negotiation skills with you.  You can check out more of the best places to shop in Bangkok here.

Drinking on Khao San Road

The club and bar scene on Khao San Road is notorious and it always has been.  It’s cleaned itself up a bit recently but it’s still definitely the place to go for a drink and find trouble till the wee hours.  Our recommendation is Lava Bar, locals and foreigners alike party here till two in the morning.

Talk to what passes for a local on Khao San Road

Everyone on Khao San Road is trying to get a dollar out of you.  I don’t blame them, and they do a damn good job of it.  They’ll talk your ear off and they’ll do it in a perfect British or LA accent to make you feel right at home.

Whatever accent they put on to pull you in it’s well worth having a chat to the locals.  They are amazingly accommodating and friendly.  Just remember that once you start talking they’ve got you until you buy something.

Eat on Khao San Road

Street food is of course one of the must do’s on Khao San Road Bangkok.  The road is a movable feast of anything you could want.  But do definitely try all the local street food.  Bangkok is famous for its street food and for good reason.

Most places along the strip will feed you well and the best thing about street food is it’s super cheap.  Great for a budget trip.

Pick up a book before you head island hopping

The last of the must do’s on Khao San Road Bangkok is to escape.  Many a backpacker has come to this notorious stretch of road and not managed to escape.  Daffy from The Beach comes to mind.  But it’s important to move on because when it comes down to it Khao San Road, although fun is not a great representation of what true Thailand is.

If your off to the island’s to relax after you whirlwind tour of Bangkok stop by Sara Barn books to pick up a copy of something to read while you sip bottles of Chang on the beach.

So do make sure you stop by Khao San Road when you visit Bangkok.  This place is a backpackers institution.  For years it’s been the introduction for many a traveller to the chaos and calm of the contradiction that is Bangkok.

Looking to discover more of this fascinating city?

Check out old Bangkok, temples, river cruises, shopping and roof top bars with a local Bangkok tour guide.

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