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5 Best things to do in Circular Quay Sydney

things to do in circular quay

Circular Quay is the crown jewel of Sydney.  Sitting smack in the middle of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the city centre the inlet is the hub of all things Sydney.  It’s very easy just to sit and waste away the hours watching people from every nation on earth pass by.  Ferries come and go and street performers entertain the crowds.  But there are definitely some special things to do in Circular Quay Sydney.  Here is our list of the best.

Snap a pic from the train station

As far as train stations go the Circular Quay train station is spectacular.  Well I oversell it a little, the train station is average but the view is spectacular.  As soon as you step off the train you’ll be greeted with a panoramic view of Circular Quay, framed perfectly by the station roof.

Have a drink at the Opera Bar

The Opera Bar, sandwiched between the Opera House and the harbour side is hands down one of the best views of any bar in the world.  Sit down and watch the world go by over looking the entire city, Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Although overpriced (you’re paying for the view) stopping by for one or two drinks is a must do while in Sydney.

Oysters and Coffee

When I first arrived in Sydney all bright eyed and bushy tailed one of the first cafes I stopped by was the Oyster Bar in Circular Quay.  Just a stones throw from the Opera House this place is the perfect harbour side cafe for seafood and coffee.

Watch the ferries come and go while you dine on world class food.  Australia is famous for its oysters so why not try them when you’re in town?  If you want to venture further afield and try some of the best international cuisine in Sydney check out a Sydney foodies tour.

Take in some local art

There are a lot of art museums and exhibition houses in and around the Rocks area, next to Circular Quay.  If you have the time to explore and take in some culture the area is perfect for it.

Only got a short time on your long list of things to do?  Check out the Museum of Contemporary Art.  It’s the massive white building next to the cruise ship international terminal.  Their cafe alone should be on the list of the best things to do in Circular Quay Sydney.  Just check out the view.

And of course, the Opera House

I wouldn’t be a list of things to do in Circular Quay Sydney without the Opera House.  It just wouldn’t.  But I will make a quick recommendation on how to enjoy the Opera House.

Most people that visit Sydney take the obligatory selfie in front of this architectural icon.  And for good reason, it’s one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world.  Take a stroll around and soak in the view.

My recommendation (and it will sound ridiculous) is to actually go and see an opera.  I say this is ridiculous because very few people that visit the Opera House actually see an opera.  I get it, it’s not your thing, it’s not many peoples thing.  But it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a world class performance.

As a stubborn male I would have much rather attended a hip hop or rock concert until the first opera I saw, now I’m a regular.  So I say if you’ve got a short time in Sydney and it’s a once in a lifetime trip don’t miss out.

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