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5 Best Parks In Seoul

best parks in seoul

Seoul is a hyper futuristic city that is dominated by skyscrapers and neon.  Everywhere you look at is a reminder of what the future will look like.  But in between the bright lights and big city Seoul is home to a lot of beautiful parks and outdoor spaces.  The city is dominated by apartments and with apartments comes the need to spend time outside. There are a lot of parks that reflect the beauty of this city.  Here is our list of the best parks in Seoul.

Seoul Forest

The third largest park in Seoul, Seoul Forest is definitely one of the best parks in Seoul.  Originally a royal hunting forest the area it has served as a race course, golf course and water purification plant over the years.  It was developed in to Seoul Forest in 20o5.

The park is home to over 400,000 trees and a number of varieties of animals.  You’ll find forest and wetland right here, in the heart of the city.

The main draw of Seoul Forest is that it is an oasis in a city of steel and concrete.  It’s a spot where you can take time to breath and relax.

Ttukseom Resort

Ttukseom Resort is one of the best parks in Seoul and for good reason.  This park starts with a beautiful view and finishes with a bunch of great things to do.  There are always events here too.

In summer rent a bike and right along the river front.  Check out the swimming pools right next to the train station and picnic late into the night with beer and chicken on a stick from the local convenience store.  How very Korean.

If you want to read more about the interesting places you can go in Seoul check out our guide to the most interesting subway stations in Seoul.

Dream Forest

Dream Forest is just north of the CBD for Seoul (if there is such a thing as a CBD in this massive city).  The park is huge and includes a small mountain which you can go hiking on and an observatory.

Make sure that you’re prepared for the crowds during the weekend.  This place is a particular favourite with locals and for good reason.  It’s a beautiful place to hike and relax in the centre of the city.

You’ll find a deer enclosure and a great small replica of a traditional Korean village.

Yeouido Park

Yeouido Park is really where it all happens.  Right next to the 63 Building (one of Seoul’s tallest buildings) and right next to the Han River it’s a great place to hang out.

The best things to do in Yeouido are to head to the top of the 63 Building, rent a bike and ride along the Han River or take in spring.  The area is one of the best in the city to view the cherry blossom season.  If you’re looking to shop you can also find the Times Square shopping centre just a stones throw down the road.


Namsan, the mountain sitting right in the very middle of Seoul is one of the best parks in Seoul if you’re looking for a night view.  That’s not to say the day view isn’t good too.

But there is a special romance to visiting Namsan at night.  The mountain and the N Seoul Tower that sits on top of it look over the entire city.  The view is unmissable.

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