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5 Best Hidden Cafes in Sydney

best hidden cafes in Sydney

Sydney is a coffee and brunch kind of place.  The kind of city where you take your time, linger and relax with a cup of coffee and read a tattered old Hemingway novel.  The city is dotted with cafes and they all make a good drop of coffee.  But if you’re looking for something unique, a cafe good enough to grace the pages of The Sun Also Rises, here is a list of the 5 best hidden cafes in Sydney.

Celsius Coffee Co. Kirribilli Wharf Cafe

This beautiful coffee shop sits on Kirribilli ferry wharf, not a place that you’d expect a cafe to be.  But it takes in one of the best views of Sydney Harbour.  Sit and watch the ferries go by or catch a gigantic cruise ship float by.  The cafe is set out in a rustic wooden wharf look (not the most creative of descriptions but this is exactly what it is).

The view alone puts this cafe on the list of the best hidden cafes in Sydney.  Take the ferry from Circular Quay to Kirribilli, you can’t miss Celsius Coffee Co.

Sophies Cafe Cremorne Point

Okay, so Sophies Cafe is barely a cafe.  The coffee is super average and it’s really just a place to get coffee if you’re transiting and about to fall asleep.  But Cremorne Point is one of the best places in Sydney to walk.  This stunning park is a slice of the Mediterranean in Sydney.

The point juts out into azure waters that are dotted with yacht’s and takes in some amazing views of the city centre.  You won’t find many better photo spots for views of the Sydney Opera House.  So take a ferry to Cremorne Point and deal with the average coffee.  It’s worth it.

Sanders Kiosk Cabarita Point

Sanders Kiosk is another unspectacular cafe that has managed to squeeze on to the list of best hidden cafes in Sydney.  By now you may have realised that location plays a big part in these rankings.  Sanders Kiosk at Cabarita Point is nothing special, the coffee is good but nothing to write about.

When you do grab a table here there is a certain feeling that the cafe gives you.  Right next to the harbour, on the wharf leading to the marina, coffee here will give you that distinctive ‘about to sail on the harbour feeling’.  The white weather board and boat owners moving back and forth give a quintessential Sydney Harbour feeling to this little spot.

The Bower Restaurant Manly to Shelly Beach Walkway

The Bower Restaurant and Cafe is definitely one of the best hidden cafes in Sydney.  You’ll only be able to get to this place on foot.  Sitting halfway between Manly Beach and Shelly Beach the coastal walk is worth it alone.  If you are lucky enough to get an outside seat at The Bower you’ll have uninterrupted views of the stunning blue waters and Mediterranean houses that are perched on the shoreline.

Take in the sun and people watch as the bronzed and tanned crowd wander by.  This is a true locals spot and one of my very favourites in the city.

UTS Cafe in Haberfield

The UTS Cafe in Haberfield wouldn’t make it on to anyone else’s list by a long shot.  But head there on a bright sunny day and take a stool over looking the bay and you’ll understand why it’s made this list.  The bay is one of the few in Sydney that doesn’t have the large and expensive marina feel about it.

Instead the bay is home to older, paint peeling, family boats that look like something out of an oil painting.  This cafe is a great place to enjoy a Hemingway novel and relax with a stroll around the foreshore.

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