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5 Best Day Trips From Bangkok

best day trips from bangkok ayutthaya

Thailand is an amazing country to visit.  It has the pumping metropolis of Bangkok and the tropical islands of the south.  As well as all of the history in between.  If you’re looking for some great places to get out of Bangkok for a day here is our list of the best day trips from Bangkok.

Ancient City, Samut Prakan

The Ancient City is quite an amazing spot.  A lot of Thailand’s beautiful historical spots have been destroyed over the years but the Ancient City keeps them alive.  The ‘city’ is a replica of many of the countries most important cultural landmarks, included many that have been destroyed.

The site is very big, I recommend hiring a bike to get around.  There is also an entrance fee for foreigners.

Floating vineyards, Samut Sakhon

Probably not what you think about when you think of Thailand, vineyards?  But these very unique vineyards are a great place to visit and take a tour in Thailand.

The grapevines grow suspended over a series of canals over which workers walk on thin bamboo poles.  Head there for a interesting tour, or a wine or three.


The capital city of Siam until 1767 these massive ruins are an amazing place to explore.  They are definitely one of the best day trips from Bangkok.  The site is very big so hiring bicycles or a tuk tuk is your best bet to take it all in.

A lot of the temples have free entry but the larger ones charge a entry fee which is more than worth it.

Head to Kanchanaburi

This historical city is probably most famous as the home of the Bridge over the River Kwai.  But there are plenty of other things to see that make it one of the best day trips from Bangkok.  Check out the Erawan National Park or the Death Railway Museum to understand some of the local history.

Khao Yai National Park

This is a great family friendly thing to do in Thailand.  The national park was the first designated national park in Thailand and it’s a beautiful place to spend a day.

The park has a lot of hiking tracks, but we all know you’re going to see the wildlife.  Just be careful not to let the monkeys rob you.

Animal Friendly Travel

We are well aware that there are a number of places in Thailand where you can ride elephants or have animal encounters.  We specifically do not accept tour guides who run such tours.  If you want to hear more about why we believe in animal friendly travel read more at about Verramente.

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