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4 Secret Beaches in Sydney

Secret Beaches in Sydney

The city of long white sandy beaches and cafe’s with great coffee.  Sydney is famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  The city has so many famous beaches from Manly to Bondi.  Golden sands are a common sight.  But if you’re looking for something a bit less busy and a place to relax you’ll find plenty of quiet beautiful beaches close to the CBD.  So why not check out some of the best secret beaches in Sydney.  Here’s our list of the top five.

Chowder Bay

Sitting in a beautiful national park right next to Taronga Zoo Chowder Bay is a great place to relax.  It’s one of the best secret beaches in Sydney and one of the best things to do with kids in Sydney.  The bay has crystal clear waters with a pier extending out into the water.

The beach itself it pretty small, but there is a large picnic area.  You’ll also find some great national park walks in the surrounding area.

Malabar Beach

Malabar beach, sitting just south of the much more famous Bondi and Bronte beaches is just a stones throw from Sydney airport.  The beach is well known for its rock pools and the beautiful views from the surrounding golf courses.

The beach is secluded and sheltered from the wind making it a great place to dive or snorkel.  The clear water makes it a great underwater playground to explore.  There isn’t much else to do in the area expect relax so sit back and take your time at the great little beach.

Congwong Beach

The sheltered inlet in the shoulder of La Perouse and Bare Island Fort is a great place to relax.  La Perouse is a relaxed and quiet suburb.  You’ll find a couple seafood restaurants in the area, but other than that the sea view is one of the best secret beaches in Sydney.

Stop by for a rugged view of the Bontany Bay.  Make sure you check out Bare Island Fort.  A great place to take in the rugged landscape.

Kurnell Beach

Kurnell Beach is one of the best hidden beaches in Sydney.  Tucked away south of the airport you’ll need to drive to the very opposite side of Botany Bay to get a good view.  But it’s well worth it.  From the Cook at Kurnell cafe you’ll be able to listen to 1950’s American classics while taking the great ocean view.

You’ll also be able to watch the planes flying in over head, heading to the nearby airport.

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