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3 Whale Watching Spots in Sydney

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Sydney is a world famous harbour city with beautiful ocean views no matter where you go.  No matter where you go in this city you’ll find amazing views of the ocean.  One of the most famous Sydney must do’s is to go whale watching.  There are plenty of great whale watching tours that will take you outside of the harbour in search of these majestic beasts.  But if you’re on a budget you’ll also find that there are plenty of spots where you can see the whales without the price tag a taking a whale watching cruise.  So here is our list of the three best whale watching spots in Sydney.

Gap Park, Watson’s Bay

Gap Park is a quiet little park sitting on the cliff tops of the ocean facing side of Watson’s Bay.  The park edges along towering cliff tops that look like there are about to crumble into the ocean.  But from here you’ll find one of the best whale watching spots in Sydney.

The park looks out into the open ocean as well as over to Manly and the National Park on the other side of the harbours entrance.  The easiest way to spot the whales is to simply watch where the whale watching boats are headed to.

Diamond Bay Reserve Sydney

Diamond Bay is one of Sydney’s best kept secrets.  Hidden away down a very narrow series of streets just a short drive from the city centre it’s a great place to spot whales from.  The reserve itself is beautiful with a wooden walkway built around the clifftop.

The stark rock face looks like a giant’s toy box with great boulders that have broken off and fell into the deep blue of the waters below.  The waves crash in and it’s a very relaxing place to watch the day go by.

The walkway has a brick wall lining it which at one stage has an archway that makes for one of Sydney’s best photo spots.  If you’re looking for more check out our list of the best views in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour National Park – North Head

Sydney Harbour’s North Head National Park is one of the best nature walks in Sydney’s CBD (or at least very close to it).  Accessible from Manly beach, just walk towards Shelly Beach and head into the forest behind it, this walk takes in great views of the open ocean.

As you walk around the headland keep an eye out for whales in between the mass of boats coming and going.  It’s definitely one of the best whale watching spots in Sydney.  Even if you miss out of the whales this is a great place to take in some beautiful ocean views.

Want to see more of Sydney’s Northern Beaches?

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